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Child 1
“.. I was a useless burden of a very poor family 13 years ago.I could crawl only.Now I am aspiring to become C A.I am quoted as an example of courage and hard work.
Hats off to DISHA –my savior.

My name is Sher Singh. I belong to a BPL family. I lost both my legs when I was five years old and used to crawl.disha got me operated and I started working with the help of calipers and crutches. Now I am a student of B.Com. in Bareilly College. Disha has been taking my total care in every way ie. Fooding, Clothing, Health, Education and all the necessary expenses. I live in Disha Campus as my family is unable to look after me. DISHA School has been my savior.


Child 2
“ 12 years ago I used to crawl and my parents too, used to pity my condition Today, I’m a fashion designer And a teacher. My parents are proud of me now ”

I have come a long way with the help of DISHA. Now I have done M.A. in English and Disha has provided me with means to live by employing me as teacher in the School.
My Name is Baby special daughter of a vegetable seller; I was a burden for my parents. Born in a family which was below poverty line, studying in a school like all other normal children of my village was a far-off dream.

I wanted to learn and succeed in as much as I could and this was encouraged and fostered by DISHA. There, the focus was on what I could do-and not on what I couldn’t.

  “There are many more who are ambitious like Sher Singh & Baby but needs your cooperation to achieve their goal. ”
‘DISHA’ is a non-profit charitable institution located in Bareilly, UP, India. Its mission is to provide opportunities to special children belonging to poor and illiterate families and make them productive members of society. Above 400 children of DISHA are provide FREE education till class XII along with vocational training and physical and occupational therapy.
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