About us
DISHA is a non-profit charitable institution located in Bareilly, UP, India. Its mission is to provide opportunities to these under-preveleged special children belonging to poor and illiterate families and make them productive members of society. About 400 children of DISHA are provided FREE education upto class XII along with vocational training, physical therapy.
    Salient Features
  Free education up to class XII to orthopeadically challenged children of below poverty line families.
  Free education up to class XII to Deaf & Dumb children of below poverty line families.
  Free vocational training to make them self sufficient.
  Free transport facilities.
  Started with two children and present strength is 400 children.
  Co – education, irrespective of caste, creed and religion.
    Aims & Objectives
  To provide free of cost, all-round education to under-privileged special children children of the area.
  To Provide free education up to class XII.
  To make them self sufficiant by providing different types of vocational education, according to their ability and interests.
  To rectify their physical disabilities with the help of specialized treatments, oral and surgical, by qualified orthopedic surgeons.
  Specific sports for their mental & physical fitness.
  To provides education irrespective of Gender.
  To enhance their self-confidence and enable them to become worthy individuals of society.
  To boost up their morale by making them realize that disability is not a CURSE but a CHALLENGE.
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