About us
  I had a hidden desire in my heart to help the poor and special children, but I was unable to find much time from my busy household. After I lost my life partner in November 1997, my desire came out and I decided to devote my remaining life to serve the under-privileged special children. God gave me strength, and I moved to Bareilly where I had my parental home and my roots.

DISHA was born on 3rd December 1998, with just 3 special children of below poverty line families from remote areas in the outskirts of Bareilly. I am indebted to my sister, Rajni who supported me whole-heartedly and the Bareilly College, which provided me a room to make a modest beginning. It was an arduous task to motivate the parents to send their disabled children to Disha where they would get free treatment and education. As time passed, people started supporting me for this noble cause. Support also came from the government and some charitable institutions.

It is only due to people’s love and support that today, Disha has over 400 children and its own building. The challenges are many, and the entire faculty of Disha has accepted these challenges, but without the continued support and guidance of all of you, we cannot be successful in our endeavours. On behalf of the team of Disha, I seek your co-operation and help in shaping the future of these special children so that they could join the mainstream of the society and live a dignified life.

  Thank You.
(Mrs) Pushpa Gupta
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